MSI GE75 Raider 10SGS – Stop overheating!

Is your MSI GE75 Raider 10SGS overheating? You might need to undervolt it

  • If there is BitLocker activated, temporarily disable it or make sure you will be able to unlock the disk, if needed, later on. These particular changes in here shouldn't trigger the BitLocker protection in principle, but in case  any other setting are accidentally changed, some of those may trigger it. Because of that is a good idea to be ready in case that happens
  • Properly turn off your laptop
  • Turn it on and press the DELETE key to enter the bios
  • Usually, I like, at this point, to reset my BIOS to optimised defaults; just to make sure everything that was done previously is brought to its defaults. However, this step can be safely ignored
  • Press Right CTRL + SHIFT + Left ALT + F2, in this sequence
  • Go to Advanced –> Overclocking Performance Menu –> Overclocking Feature. Set it to Enabled
  • In the same screen look for BCLK Aware Adaptive Voltage and set it to Enabled
  • Go to Advanced –> Power and performance –> CPU Power management control –> CPU Lock configuration –> CFG Lock and Overclock and make sure it's Disabled
  • In the same screen look for XTU Interface and enable it
  • Save changes

At this point ThrottleStop should work on your laptop. You might try Intel XTU as well, but it might require additional configurations (disable virtualization, etc.). The graphic card on the other hand can be tweaked with MSI Afterburner. I didn't use it. Sadly, because of the extreme heat, I decided to disable the NVIDIA card completely. I have lost functionality of the external HDMI port (or any other external video port), but at least now the laptop doesn't turn off by itself and, for my use cases, this is acceptable. I understand it won't be for many others. As external monitor I have been using a DisplayLink enabled device via USB

How to disable the NVIDIA card

  • Same instructions as above
  • Go to Advanced –> System Agent (SA) Configuration –> Graphics configuration –> Primary display –> Set it to IGFX
  • Save changes

Note: when you save changes, be patient. Wait at least one or two minutes before pushing anything. It will take a few seconds to save the configuration and reboot. If your MSI becomes too hot and turns off while you do all these configurations, you might be able to set the cooling fans to the maximum by using the second small key under the power button on the right side of the keyboard, if your MSI has it (not available on all the models). That would bring the fans to maximum speed (very noisy, not recommended as a steady solution as it might decrease your fans life on the long run)

Regarding to how to undervolting: there are lots of guides on how to do it, with the tools mentioned in this article. It should be possible to do from the BIOS as well. However, I eventually didn't do anything in particular with the undervolting. After renouncing to the graphics card, I didn't experience any additional shutdowns because of the heating. Not super happy about it, but good enough (for me at least). Unfortunately, even if MSI laptops are packed with latest hardware technologies, they often offer poor cooling and questionable quality of plastics. This is surely the case for this particular model

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