Pinterest downloader first release

Merged a couple of things from the original repository and created the first compiled release for Windows 64 bit

How to use it

Download the executable and move it to the directory you want the program to be. If you would like to use cookie to download from your hidden boards, install Chrome and an extension of your preference to get your cookies from the browser. Login into Pinterest via web browser and when on its tab, use the extension to download the cookies. Open the downloaded text file and copy into a new file called cookies.txt the information below in the following form

csrftoken=alphanumeric_value; _auth=numeric_value; _pinterest_sess=alphanumeric_value; cm_sub=alphabetic_string; _routing_id=”alphanumeric_value

Save the file in the same folder as the pinterest-downloader.exe file. Open now a cmd.exe shell and run the example here below


pinterest-downloader username -co cookies.txt -d D:\Downloads\Pinterest

Download it from GitHub or from here




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