String permutations sample code

For some reasons had to test how GitHub works and upload an application there. I do like to code simple applications in Xojo when I need to fill the gap and cannot find the right tool for what I need to do

In this case I needed a simple program to calculate all the possible permutations of a given string. There are many examples of this simple exercise on the Internet. I started by looking at these

Code Coding GIF by PLCnext Technology - Find & Share on GIPHY

The Java version looked like a good candidate for “translation”, so I took inspiration from it. The code is well commented (or at least this is what I think). Xojo is free to download and test, so the project can be opened and checked without having to pay for the IDE. I provided a compiled version as well. The setup is quite big because I had to include some Microsoft Windows runtime libraries but those won’t get installed at all if you already have them on your system. The compiled version can be downloaded from here and the source code from here

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