Black boxes and notifications on macOS Catalina

Quite happy with macOS Catalina on my Mac Mini Mid-2011. If interested in reading more about it, this is a good place to start with

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One of the few issues I had with it, was with the notifications and some portions within windows, especially with Mail and Thunderbird

Turns out there is on option that might not be fully compatible with the tweak or just buggy per se

Try the following and see if there is any improvement:

  • Navigate to System Preferences
  • Click and Desktop and Screen Saver
  • Select Dark (Still) instead of Dynamic
  • Back to System Preferences
  • Click on Sidecar
  • Untick all options. It won’t work on older hardware anyway

Also, Apple Mail might sometimes show blank or black boxes, especially when it comes to HTML messages. A quick workaround would be

  • Mailbox —> Rebuild
  • Mail —> Preferences —> Viewing —> Untick “Highlight messages with colour when not grouped” and “Include related messages”
  • System Preferences —> Displays —> “Calibrate …”

That should solve the problem … for the moment. Try to change your HDMI cable. That might also be part of the solution

  • macOS version 10.15.2
  • Apple Mail version 13.0

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