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Connection to Communication Service was lost, screenshot 0

GOG Galaxy will now shutdown

Ideas to fix GOG Galaxy error “Connection to the Communication Services was lost and could not be restored! GOG Galaxy will now shutdown”


Windows File Explorer Not Responding (Solved)

Windows File Explorer was freezing, stop responding and crashing. It drove me crazy for a while. Eventually I found out it was related to a mapped network share

Dexter Stardust Banner 0

Dexter Stardust on M1 MacBook

I learned how to do it stuff by trying to make games work on my Olivetti M24 (circa 1990). Fast forward to 2022 and I learn new stuff by trying playing games on an Apple M1


KeePass 2.50 on CrossOver on 21.1.0

A pretty strange error message I am not seeing on the current version of KeePass. However. if you landed here by searching, it still might be useful to you!


This software is not supported on your system

How to force-install something you are not allowed to install on your Mac in the first place? Nobody likes being told what they can and cannot do. And a customer success manager and his Mac Mini are no exception


AnyDesk connection drops with status “anynet_unknown”

Problem: connection from an Anydesk PC client to a macOS AnyDesk instance drops after a few seconds/minutes with the the following error message: “anynet_unknown”. Read about a possible solution to it