Unknown disconnecting device

A while ago I could hear Microsoft Windows warning me with a sound alert of a device disconnecting and immediately reconnecting. I wasn’t able to identify the device that was causing this. The first thing I tried was to check in the Device Manager to see if I could understand what device it was about. No luck. The actual Device Manager behaviour in this case was a continuous refresh of the device list each time Windows was also playing the sound connect/disconnect notification

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Right. Speaking to the Device Manager did not work. The information I was looking for was related to the connection and disconnection time of each device. I eventually found out that the Device Manager View Utility was actually able to display this information. All I had to do was to run it, order by the Connect Time and/or Disconnect Time column and I was eventually able to identify the device causing the triggering of the sound alarm

DevManView GUI

Hope this helps you too in identifying the disconnecting device. What you will do with it next depends on your findings: it might be about a cable in need of fixing, some drivers to be taken care of or something else

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