VeraCrypt randomly Auto-Dismounting

Problem: one or more VeraCrypt mounted drives on Windows randomly auto-dismounts themselves. I have tried a bit of everything; solutions found on the Internet talk about VeraCrypt settings to try out, USB power configuration to test with and USB physical ports to change

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In some cases, some of those suggestions, actually worked. But sometimes they don’t. I eventually gave up and used a tool to keep writing and reading something to and from the disk, so it won’t auto-dismount. If you already tried all the suggestions on the other websites, maybe you arrived here by chance and, why not, you can now give a shot at something you possibly didn’t try so far

There are many ways of achieving this. A really simple one, if you are on Windows, is to use this tool: Prevent Disk Sleep ( from Vovsoft ( It really does what it promises, is super easy to use, and is freeware too. It worked for me. Give it a try, it might work for you too!

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