VeraCrypt randomly Auto-Dismounting

Problem: one or more VeraCrypt mounted drives on Windows randomly auto-dismounts themselves. I have tried a bit of everything; solutions found on the Internet talk about VeraCrypt settings to try out, USB power configuration to test with and USB physical ports to change

In some cases, some of those suggestions, actually worked. But sometimes they don’t. I eventually gave up and used a tool to keep writing and reading something to and from the disk, so it won’t auto-dismount. If you already tried all the suggestions on the other websites, maybe you arrived here by chance and, why not, you can now give a shot at something you possibly didn’t try so far

There are many ways of achieving this. A really simple one, if you are on Windows, is to use this tool: Prevent Disk Sleep ( from Vovsoft ( It really does what it promises, is super easy to use, and is freeware too. It worked for me. Give it a try, it might work for you too!

Images attribution: VC logo, PDS GUI

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