macOS Ventura issues with multiple monitors

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I have this small MacBook I use to connect to all of the other Virtual Machines, Computers, and stuff around the house. Because of that, one of the most critical applications I use is Microsoft Remote Desktop. Since I upgraded to Ventura 13.0 and then to the latest 13.0.1, I had multiple issues when connecting to the other boxes remotely. Most commonly the screen would freeze after a while, especially when the run as administrator screen was prompted on screen. In many occasions Microsoft Remote Desktop would crash and/or hang too. I had to disconnect and reconnect it. It would have worked a bit more and then it would start producing issues again. Eventually started to happen to other applications too, like Safari for example. All when connected to an external monitor and, occasionally, even when not

It is important to remember I was using an external monitor, but I cannot exclude this might happen with the integrated monitor too. At that point I tried different things, created a new user, see if the problem was in the user profile, disabled applications and stuff and eventually turned out to be a problem with custom or not compatible Color Profiles

In order to sort this I run the commands here below:

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sudo rm -fr /Users/<YOUR USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/ByHost/<HEX STRING>.plist

This one deleted the plist configuration from your home directory. Just hit tab to complete the file name as there is an huge HEX STRING there that will be different from Mac to Mac, and of course your username, also different from Mac to Mac. Make sure you don’t make mistake as this command could cause rather huge issues. Make a copy of it if you want to restore the previous configuration. If you make any mistake I won’t be able to help you further much or take any kind of responsibility, so please be carefull and if not sure, desist. OK, so this was the file in your user’s library. Now the system-wide one

sudo rm -fr /Library/Preferences/
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Reboot now. Do not get too scared, your resolution, screen and stuff will probably be less sexy than you remembered, but at least now it should work. Please remember now not to set any custom Color Profiles in the future or this will happen all over again. At tleast until a fix to the issue gets released. I will wait leave the post on also later, waiting for a regression

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