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Originally posted on LinkedIn about 5 mounths ago. This version is somehow a bit different from the original

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Will your interviewers remember you? As an applicant, the opportunity was growing on me and I wanted to do something a bit different, to be remembered 🔔 

Here below is the business card I handed over at the interview. What are the things you are doing differently to break the pattern and make an impression? The second business card is the – official and current one – so it went well! 💪🏽

I am posting this now as I found it as I was putting in order the documents and because this is a great way to celebrate my first 219 days at the company

PS – They are both the same size. One appears to be smaller entirely thanks to my very poor MS Paint skills

A few things to note:

  • As you can see I didn’t use any branding in my business card. I didn’t know if they liked to see their brand on not-official material, so I played safe there
  • Also, I made sure to have all the needed attributions for the material I used. I though it was important not to give the impression I would use unlicensed material to create my own contents
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I hope you like the idea. I think is important to break the patterns a bit, but not too much. When you do something different there are good chances you will be remembered in a positive way and that will increase the chances to make it to their short list and even to be the top-of-the-list candidate. Of course I am not suggesting to do something totally crazy because at that point you will surely be remembered, but in the wrong way 🙂

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